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White Peach Nectar Bellini Mix

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Alain Milliat began his venture with just 7 fruit varieties grown on his property in the Condrieu region of France. After he felt he had found the perfect recipes, he met with 60 sommeliers throughout France to get their approvals for each fruit flavors he had created. His goal was to master ripening the fruit perfectly so the delicate balance between sugar and acidity levels would pour out of a jar, but taste like you are biting into the fruit itself.

The white peaches grown in Normandy, France are kept natural, maintaining the texture and thickness of the fruit itself and not breaking it down with bulk amounts of additives like water and sugar. It's an excellent addition to teas, desserts, breakfast, mixed drinks, or as a cooking aid - but we love it in a glass of Domaine Carneros sparkling wine to make a perfect peach bellini!

6.8 oz (20cl). Product of France.