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Silver Belle

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Our limited edition 2014 Jardin d'Hiver Cuvée makes its fleeting perennial appearance in a wintry silver gift box. The dry, brisk, and richly layered Late Disgorged Ultra Brut pays homage to the Château’s spectacular "winter garden" conservatory that overlooks the rolling hills of Carneros.

"The Jardin d’Hiver cuvee has a low dosage with makes it very crisp while its age gives it a wonderful richness, a juxtaposition that makes it an excellent match with rich winter dishes. The wine’s cleansing crispness plays well with heavier sauces and flavors while its toasty, creamy, caramel notes bridge beautifully with roasted, caramelized flavors in a dish." -Eileen Crane, Founding Winemaker