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Le Rêve and Lobster from Home

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Host the ultimate sparkling summer feast! Lavish Le Rêve, sumptuous lobster, drawn butter and all the fixings… Our annual Le Rêve and Lobster celebrations are always the most sought-after club member event of the year. We’re so sorry we’re not able to host you here at the Château this year, but we invite you to recreate this decadent feast at home.  With our Le Rêve and Lobster Kit, you’ll have everything needed to inspire the grand fête.

 A bottle of our tête de cuvée 2012 Le Rêve Blanc de Blancs comes with lobster-cracking accoutrements for two: cocktail forks, lobster cracker, shuckaneer, dinner napkin and lobster bib. We're also including Eileen's favorite recipe for Blueberry Pie which is a must at our Le Rêve and Lobster events.

Our Chief Marketing Officer, Erin, highly recommends ordering from McCloons Lobster Shack through Goldbelly. Their award-winning live 2-pound lobsters ship directly from their dock to your door! And, our Events Manager, Stacey, shares her pro tips on hosting a lavish lobster boil at home here