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Winter Chiller

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SKU: PP320

Beautiful, practical, and durable, the Swig® insulated wine bottle chiller keeps our bubbles at the perfect temperature for up to nine hours. In a sleek dark silver with an etching of our Château logo, the dishwasher-safe stainless steel encases the bottle and features flat sides for easy pouring. A bottle of  our complex and refreshing 2018 Blanc de Noir comes ready to chill and enjoy.

Made from 100% Pinot Noir and pale golden in appearance, Our Blanc de Noir is a white sparkling wine made from black Pinot Noir grapes. We disregarded the classic accompaniment of Chardonnay in the interest of experimentation. This wine opens up with wonderful notes of of baked apple, white cherry, graham cracker, and lychee. The palate continues to entice with more cherry accompanied by notes of white peaches, honeydew melon, and tangerine. There is a deep complexity that is enhanced by the extra year of aging this vintage received in the bottle. Soft, round and thought provoking this wine presents a generous mousse.