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Divine Delight

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Each small square is the perfect portion of chocolate to pair with a glass of wine. The 54% dark chocolate combined with a hint of sea salt creates what we believe to be the epitome of sweet and salty. 18 individually wrapped pieces are adorned with the Domaine Carneros logo and tied with a bow.

Our Estate Brut is a small cuvée comprised only of grapes grown in our own vineyards. The wine was aged a minimum of three years in our cellar. We love this wine now, but know it has exceptional further aging potential. Richness and complexity begin on the nose, with bounding aromas of green apple, crème brûlée, and orange blossom. The palate is dense and full, revealing juicy pear, honey dew melon and lemon zest, with a savory underpinning that melds into the long finish.